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Cave du Vin Blanc

CAVE DU VIN BLANC DE MORGEX ET DE LA SALLE was born in 1989. It is placed in Morgex on foots of the White Mountain.
Today produces 150.000 bottles from 100 % Blanc de Morgex grape only by 20 Ha of vineyards.
The Cave collects grapes coltured from 900 to 1200 mt a.s.l. These vineyards are one of the higest of all the Europe and they are called vineyards of: EXTREME MOUNTAIN
By to the altitude the grapes are harvested at ripen and they release in the wine the smell of fresh flowers and fruits maintaining a good freshness.
These two characteristics are perfect to have Spumante metodo classico with a great smell complexity and good freshness that allows to the wine to age for years Half of the must is vinified in larch wood and half in oak wood. The blend has done before bottling. The fermentation happens only by ultra selected yeast that are cloned from the Vin Blanc de Morgex grapes