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baglio del pianeto

The twenty years since the establishment of Baglio di Pianetto are a story told by the harvests, the wines, the productive evolution of the vineyard, the striving towards a highly refined style of winemaking, the achievement of a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.
Today Baglio di Pianetto is an integrated productive hub engaged in hospitality and wine-tourism. The guided itineraries though our vineyards and cellars are an expression of the artisanal care that Baglio di Pianetto has always dedicated to its produce and its wines. With the Agrirelais – just a few miles from Palermo – wine lovers can enjoy a full, immersive experience, where wine, great food and hospitality come together to define the pursuit of excellence embodied by the Marzotto family. A high-altitude viticulture, surrounded by mountain forests, valleys and small clearings, and in close proximity to the city of Palermo. Baglio di Pianetto’s estate is a jewel of biodiversity, nature and Sicilian agricultural landscape. The vineyards are located 650 MASL in the area dedicated to the production of Monreale’s DOC where the integration between vines and terroir could not be more valuable.