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Salis wine production, beyond satisfying the needs of the immediate family, also aimed to create high-quality wines which would best show off  the distinctive characteristics of the local vintages. The production includes Nebbiolo (in Valtellina called Chiavennasca), Rossola, Pignola, and Brugnola varieties. the cultivaton system is terraced the sheer hillsides. s they are harvested, the bunches of grapes are carefully checked: only those which are perfectly ripe and sound will be placed on the “mantavola” (a plank of reeds) to dry. Throughout the long winter, the bunches are kept cold and dry, so that they lose up to 30-40% of their water, concentrating the sugars and flavours. Some of the primary aromas change during this process, and a small percentage of “noble rot” is encouraged to further enhance flavour. The grapes are usually pressed in February. The extracted must is subjected to a pre-fermentation maceration, and then to alcoholic fermentation.