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The Nativ names was born to represent, trough the production of local wines, the origin of Italian viticulture. The grapes grown in these vineyards and centuries old vineyards in today represent a symbol of Italian culture, and the wine made from these grapes, reflects, better than any other product, the "Made in Italy". In pursuing these steps, it is outlined the concept of "Nativ that litteral means "that which come from•", is achieved trough the production of wine from grapes native to the region. The Company currently owns 15 hectares of vineyards, processed according to the method espalier raised guyot, the wines are the product of accumulated experiences, and the best winemaking techniques , in order to obtain a high level to meet the needs of the consumer. The temperature result in a late harvest introns in November, creating wines rich in alcohol and extracts, tannins and acidity that need refinement longer to manifest their full potential. Paternopoli boasts the best exposures with vineyards located south southwest between 450 to 550 meters of sandy limestone and tuff giaciture. The cellar of the most modern equipment for wine grapes, from aging for storing wine, even if you have the knowledge that the most advanced technology cannot substitute for nature, as the wine is as indispensable prerequisites, the quality of the soil, the microclimate.
The leading products are the Cru "Hermitage San Quirico," from Aglianico grapes
grown in a small piece of very old vines, located in the town of Taurasi, which produces a few high quality grapes. The town of Taurasi located at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level is a very fertile area for growing grapes Aglianico.